Brand Quiz answers

Welcome to the UniEPS Quiz answers guide. We've provided additional information below regarding each question for those who want to learn a bit more about the reasoning behind their score. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have additional questions.


Question 1

This question is straightforward. We wanted to make the first one easy for you. The correct answers is the Los Angeles Lakers.  The URL is basic latin text. This is what most internet users are accustomed to seeing on their web browser.

Correct answer: Los Angeles Lakers


Question 2

This one is a bit of a trick question. While the URL is legitimate, it does not match any of the listed brands. We added this question to keep you on your toes!

Correct answer: None of the listed brands


Question 3

This question is a bit trickier. If you look closely at the “i” in Philadelphia you will see that it is not a latin character. In fact, the entire URL is a written in a foreign script. Domains URLs like this one are easy to register and use for nefarious purposes.

Correct answer: None of the listed brands


Question 4

We gave you another chance to catch the confusingly similar "i". In this instance, it’s being used to replicate the Manchester City URL. Did you catch it this time?

Correct answer: None of the listed brands


Question 5

This one's legitimate. No tricks here.

Correct answer: Liverpool FC

Question 6

Another legitimate URL but don’t get too comfortable!

Correct answer: Cleveland Indians


Question 7

The lowercase "i" is one of the few giveaways for spotting a confusingly similar domain URL. Did you catch it this time in the Miami Dolphins URL above?

Correct answer: None of the listed brands


Question 8

Another proper URL here for the Dallas Cowboys.

Correct answer: Dallas Cowboys


Question 9

Yet another chance to spot the "i". If you didn’t catch it this time, you’re running out of chances!

Correct answer: None of the listed brands


Question 10

This was officially your last chance to catch that pesky "i". We hope you caught this one.

Correct answer: None of the listed brands


Question 11

Here's another authentic URL representing a trusted brand.

Correct answer: San Antonio Spurs


Question 12

Upon closer inspection that "ë" in Yankees looks a little funky. That's because this URL is written in another foreign script.

Correct answer: None of the above

Thank you again for taking the UniEPS Brand Quiz. We hope you found the test fun and educational. Don’t be concerned if you didn’t get a perfect score. We created the Uni EPS brand quiz to showcase how confusingly similar domain name variants can be used to take advantage of everyday customers looking to engage with your brand. More and more scammers are using lookalike domain name variants to mask their criminal activity behind the authority of recognizable brands.

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