Who is eligible to sell Uni EPS and Uni EPS+?

Uni EPS applications may only be submitted by a registrar authorized by Uniregistry to sell Uni EPS and Uni EPS+ bundles (the “Uni EPS Registrar”) 

How does a registrar become authorized to sell Uni EPS?

A registrar accredited with Uniregistry applies to sell Uni EPS and Uni EPS+. After the Uni EPS Agreement is executed on both sides, the registrar becomes the Uni EPS Registrar and is then authorized to sell Uni EPS or Uni EPS+.

How do I purchase Uni EPS or UNI EPS+?

Contact a Uniregistry accredited registrar who has signed the Uni EPS Agreement (the “Uni EPS Registrar”). You can find the list of such Uni EPS Registrars here.

What are the requirements?

Each string that is submitted must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have an associated Trademark that has been registered in the TMCH database

  2. Must consist exclusively of letters a-z A-Z, numbers 0-9 and hyphens 

  3. Must not begin or end with a hyphen 

  4. May have only two consecutive hyphens in the third and fourth
    positions, if any, when preceded by “xn” and followed by a label of an IDN

  5. If an IDN, must be in the language that Uniregistry offers and supports

What is a Uni EPS override?

An override of a Uni EPS or Uni EPS+ bundle is the registration of a Uni EPS reserved domain by the registrant with a valid trademark who has reserved the name. There are only regular registration fees applied to overrides.

What about Reserved or Premium Domain Names?

Domain names reserved by Uniregistry are not affected by Uni EPS products. Uniregistry may reserve domain names, including those subject to Uni EPS or Uni EPS+, without limitation that are:

  1. Reserved for operations and other purposes, including certain Premium Domain Names which Uniregistry may change from time to time

  2. Reserved or restricted to comply with applicable ICANN requirements and Uniregistry policies, including those reserved for certain third parties

  3. Still pending registration, or otherwise not available

  4. Already under registration

What is the responsibility of a Registrar to offer Uni EP?

A Registrar who signs the Uni EPS Agreement is required to attest to the following:

  1. Registrant of Uni EPS or Uni EPS+ has a valid and relevant mark in the TMCH database

  2. Uniregistry may at its own discretion, including but not restricted to an internal audit or dispute filing, ask the registrar to provide Trademark proof for one or many domain strings that have been reserved under Uni EPS or Uni EPS+.

How are disputes handled?

Disputes are governed by the dispute resolution procedures set forth in the Uni EPS Dispute Resolution Policy.

What happens when a registered domain expires and is deleted?

  1. If a domain name has a Uni EPS or Uni EPS+ block associated with it and
    the registered name is deleted, then that name will automatically
    be reserved.

  2. This block expires when the original block for the mark expires.

What is displayed in the WHOIS?

Since the names reserved via Uni EPS and Uni EPS+ are not
registered, there will not be a WHOIS record associated with such
a name.

The following response to a WHOIS query is provided for such a
name “XYZ.tld is a reserved name. It subscribes to the Uni EPS or Uni EPS+ product”

How are confusingly similar variants determined?

Uniregistry Web Console will automatically compute the list of confusingly similar variants of a trademark label. This is based on confusable characters published by the Unicode Consortium.