Uniregistry Extended Protection Service

Built on Uniregistry's advanced platform, Uni EPS and EPS+ represent a new standard in domain name blocking. It lets brand owners block the registration of terms registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse throughout the entirety of Uniregistry's Top Level Domain portfolio and is provided through two unique product offerings, Uni EPS and Uni EPS+.

Both services include the same powerful core features, and Uni EPS+ advances the scope of protection even further in this fast-changing space. 




Main label block

Block trademark labels across Uniregistry’s 23 gTLDs (Multiple label blocks available with Uni EPS+).

Premium domain block

Uni EPS and Uni EPS+ both block premium domains as standard at no extra cost.

Unlimited unblocking

Registrants have the ability to unblock any previously blocked domain with the option to register those terms at any time at the standard fee (including premium domains).

Domain track and block

The Service automatically blocks domains protected by Uni EPS and EPS+ when they become available.

Favorable roi

Uni EPS and EPS+ users enjoy considerable savings when compared to the cost of defensively registering trademark terms.

Comprehensive protection

Unlimited blocking of all the additional labels generated by the TMCH and included in the Signed Mark Data file.

Variant label blocking

Uni EPS+ blocks the use of homoglyph characters in domain registrations commonly used by phishers aiming to confuse users with lookalike domain names. Uni EPS+ is a powerful tool in combating this threat and will block all variants available for registration now and in the future.



Service features



Uni EPS+

Domain blocking
Premium name coverage
Auto block newly available names
Variant label coverage
Unicode variant coverage
3rd party unblocking
Free unblocking
Labels covered
Registration periods (years)
1, 3, 5, 10
1, 3, 5, 10
Minimum potential savings*
1700 USD or 5000 USD
15000 USD

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